Acrylic is the most durable form of nail enhancement. Recommended for those who constantly work with their hands. It is the most popular form of artificial nails due to its durability and low maintenance.
Full Set $35 and up
Fill-ins $30 and up
Full Set w White Tips  $45                                                                                                                        (Gel polsih extra $15)                                                                                                                

PinkIMG_2278 & White 
Pink & White Acrylic also called “Permanent French” or “Two Tone”. It is the most popular look among women. It is classic, clean, and natural, shiny, and ready to go without the wait of polish to dry or polish wearing off. The French tips dry instantly and stay shiny longer than polish. It’s non-yellowing formula is applied in a double process with white powder for the free edge and pink powder for the nail bed.

Full set $55
Fill-in Pink & White  $50
Fill-in Pink  $40                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ombre’ Full set $55 and up                                                                                      



UV Gel
UV Gel is a lightweight and durable form of nail enhancement. It will keep nails shiny even without polish. Recommended for those who want a durable enhancement but do not like the look of acrylic nails. UV Gel has a more natural appearance.
Full Set  $55 and up
Fill-in $50 and up

SNS is proven to improve nail growth.
Having both beautiful and healthy nails, at the same time.
Catch up on the hottest growing trend !
*Two Week Wear Time
*Healthy for Nail Bed
*Contains Vitamin E & Calcium
*Zero Drying Time
*Remains Odor -Free
*Maintains Healthy,Strong Nails
Dip w Manicure $45                                                                                                         Full Set with tips $50 and up
Dip with Pink&White $60
Ombre’ Dip $60

**Chrome Powder for Mirror Nails  +$15**      

**Prices are not final and subject to change**